My blog drifted away a couple of months ago over a single review that I just couldn’t get down.

But I picked up a few lovely books last week when I was in Japan, so perhaps things won’t be so quiet around here from now.

(Even though I should have bought more… )


Getting up at 6am on a Saturday isn’t my idea of a good time, but I’m (begrudgingly) ok with it when it involves books. I dragged mum along to the opening day of the annual Lifeline Bookfest, the largest second-hand book sale in Queensland, and one that raises funds for Lifeline’s community support programs – 24-hour crisis line, suicide prevention and bereavement, community recovery, and other community services across Queensland. I certainly don’t need an incentive to buy more books, but it’s nice to know that my obsession might contribute to a good cause or two.

The sale is massive, with millions of books laid out across nearly 4 kilometres of tables. 4 kilometres! That amount of books is pretty much the stuff of fantasy, but I’m self-aware enough to know that setting myself loose would be a pretty dangerous idea – so I went in with a shopping list, a budget ($40), and a time limit (3 hours).

Even with three hours to play with, I didn’t even make it out of the classics & literature section, except for a cursory glance through the philosophy section (cursory because I knew that was a rabbit hole I didn’t have time to fall down!)

I’m glad we got there early – there was already a decent crowd gathered before the doors opened, but with so much on offer the crowd dispersed pretty nicely. By 9.30 it had started to get really busy (obviously a good thing for a charity event!), but it did make it a little trickier to look through the books as well as I’d have liked. I can’t complain though, I walked away with a pretty wonderful collection of books.


I stuck to my budget and my time-limit, and ended up with 21 books for $39, some of which look like they’ve never even been opened. Thrilled is an understatement, I came away with nearly exactly what I wanted, and now you also have a hint as to some of the books that will likely appear on this blog in the next couple of months!

The LifeLine Bookfest runs in Brisbane until the 26th January, with other dates around the state to follow. Very well worth a visit.